Scarborough Video Tour

Have a look at our Scarborough video tour to help you get a real feel for Scarborough and the surrounding area. We will be posting videos to our Scarborough video tour on a regular basis so keep checking back to see what’s new in Scarborough.

Eventually our Scarborough video tour will include video footage of all the beaches listed on our Scarborough beaches list and as much of the other stuff we have listed on the site about Scarborough as we can.

If you have any videos of Scarborough that you would like us to include in our Scarborough video tour just send us an email or contact us through Facebook or Twitter.

Our Scarborough Video Tour

Below is our first Scarborough video entry, which shows the North Bay beach at Scarborough. In the distance you can see some white pyramids, which is the Scarborough SeaLife Centre. As the shot moves round you can see the chalets and the promenade at the North Bay beach in Scarborough.

This short video of the North Bay beach in Scarborough was taken standing on the Marine Drive; this is the road that links the two beaches in Scarborough. The Marine Drive is lovely to walk around, to view more pics go to our walk round the Marine Drive blog page.

Above we have a video of Scarborough’ south bay beach taken from the Scarborough Spa car park. In the distance you can see Foreshore Road that has the arcades on, further up you can see Scarborough Castle and the West Pier.

Above we have a short video of the Little Hoppers Soft Play Area located in Scarborough. Your kids will love to spend an hour or two here whizzing down the slides and playing in the ball pool. For more information go to our Scarborough for Kids page.

Above we have a video showing Scarborough south bay beach at 7.55am on New Years Eve 2012. Have a look and see what Scarborough looks like on a cold December morning.

Above we have a video of Whitby Harbour shot at 9.50am on New Years Eve 2012. This was a very cold and windy morning in Whitby at the harbour side near to the harbour car parks not far from the town centre.

This is a short video of Whitby beach taken on the 02/01/13 at 12.30pm, you can see Whitby pavilion and the steep walk way that leads down to the chalets.

View Scarborough from the Holbeck car park on the south cliff area of Scarborough. In the video you can see Scarborough beach, Scarborough Castle and the harbour. This video was shot on Thursday 03/01/13 at about 12pm.

View Whitby harbour from Sandgate looking across the bridge towards Whitby Town. This footage was shot on Saturday the 05/01/13.

View Whitby bay beach near where the chalets are close to Whitby Pavilion. This video was taken on Saturday the 05/01/13.

I shot this video on our way home from a fun evening sledging with the kids on the 18/01/13 when the snow was coming down pretty heavy, the filming is a bit shaky because I was pulling a five year old on a sledge with one hand and filming with the other.

Keep checking back to our Scarborough video tour page, we will be adding more videos of Scarborough shortly. If you would like to suggest a video for this page then send us an email with the details of the video of Scarborough.

We live in Scarborough so if you want us to get some video footage of something in Scarborough then just ask us in an email and we will see what we can do.

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