Scarborough Chalets

The Scarborough chalets can be found at Scarborough’ North Bay beach. Scarborough chalets cost £15 per day and £50 per week, to book a chalet call 01723 364714.

The Scarborough chalets are just yards away from Scarborough’ North Bay beach, there is so much to do at the North Bay in Scarborough and is a great day out for the whole family.

For more details on the North Bay beach head on over to our Scarborough beach page, here you can see some pics of the Scarborough chalets. It has been in the local news that you can buy a chalet for £35,000.

Our pics of the Scarborough chalets

Scarborough chalets

The photo above shows the Scarborough chalets looking south from the SeaLife centre. This photo shows just how close the Scarborough chalets are to the North Bay beach. Please note that cars are not allowed to drive on the promenade past the Scarborough chalets between the hours of 10am – 5:30pm and 7pm – 6am.

To book one of the Scarborough chalets head on over to theScarborough Borough Council website for more details. You can book one of the Scarborough chalets on arrival at the beach management centre that is next to the Scarborough chalets.

The Scarborough chalets can be used from 7am to 10:30pm and dogs are allowed in the chalets but must be kept under control. To have a look at the Scarborough chalets application form head on over to the council website.

The chalets in Whitby are £10.55 for the day and £30.80 for the week, head on over to our Whitby beach page for more details. There are some beach chalets in Filey too; these will be a similar price to the Whitby chalets. Both Whitby and Filey have beach management centres in the middle of the chalets where you can go to book them.

The Scarborough chalets are close to the Scarborough SeaLife centre, lots of crazy golf courses and Peasholm Park. There is lots to do at Scarborough’ North Bay, the kids will have a great time at the beach near the Scarborough chalets.

The best places to park that are close to the Scarborough chalets would be on the Marine Drive (YO11 1PG), the Northstead car park (YO11 6PF) and the Victoria Park car park (YO12 7TS).

If you require any more details on the Scarborough chalets then please send us an email or contact us through Facebook or Twitter.

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