Scarborough Car Hire

There are a few car hire services that you can use based in Scarborough. We think that you should hire a car when you are on holiday in Scarborough so that you don’t miss out on visiting some of the beautiful beaches and villages that are nearby.

There is a train station and a good bus service in Scarborough but you end up being limited to what you can do having to follow their timetables. If you don’t travel to Scarborough by car then we highly recommend you hire a car when you get here.

If you choose to hire a car when you get to Scarborough you will be able to check out the beautiful beach at Sandsend and stop off at some of the little villages that are scattered around North Yorkshire. Having a hire car will enable you to get off the beaten track and see the sights you wouldn’t normally see if you travel by bus or train.

Scarborough Car Hire Services

There are only two Scarborough car hire services we have used and can recommend. The first one is Mike Kent cars, we did not hire a car as such (it was a van when we moved house) but they were very friendly and offer a personal service. To find out more details on Mike Kent car hirehead on over to their website. Mike Kent car hire is based at North Marine Road in Scarborough.

The second Scarborough car hire service we have used and can recommend is Gill Bradley car hire. Again we did not hire a car, we used a van for work, they provided a very good friendly service. For more details on Gill Bradley car hire head on over to their website where you can now book to hire a car online. Gill Bradley car hire is based at Londesborough Road in Scarborough.

The other Scarborough car hire company that we can mention but not recommend because we have not used them is based on Filey Road in Scarborough, they are called Enterprise rent a car. To hire a car online and for more details about this car hire company head on over to theEnterprise car hire company website.

Why you should hire a car in Scarborough

There are some great towns and villages to travel to in and around Scarborough on day trips. Hire a car in Scarborough and head off on a day trip to Whitby. Visit the Abbey and have a walk around the town and then drive off in your hire car to check out the nearby beaches.

If you drive north of Whitby in your hire car you will see some lovely scenery and pass by three beaches you should definitely check out. Have a look at our Scarborough beaches page for more information on how to get there and where to park.

Robin Hoods Bay is another good place you may want to travel to in your hire car. Robin Hoods Bay is in-between Scarborough and Whitby and will only take you about 25-30 minutes to get there by car.

If you drive south of Scarborough in your hire car then you will pass Filey and head on towards Bridlington. If you have kids and are on holiday in Scarborough then a day trip to Bridlington in your hire car is a must.

If you are on holiday in Scarborough then we recommend you do have a hire car to really enjoy what Scarborough has to offer. The indoor Karting track, the indoor soft play area, the small animal farms, the small but very nice beaches with surf schools are all on the outskirt of Scarborough. A car is not essential but is convenient, especially if you have kids.

You don’t need to worry about parking if you hire a car in Scarborough because there are Scarborough council car parks at all the attractions. The car parks are not too expensive, £5 for 24-hour parking is not too bad. You should check that there is parking at your hotel or b&b in Scarborough because there are resident parking zones, so if your hotel is based in one of these zones your hire car will need to have a permit or a time disc. Just ask at the car hire company for a time disc, they should provide you with one.

Have a look through our Scarborough for kids and Scarborough beaches pages to decide whether or not you will want to hire a car when you are in Scarborough. If you are based in a hotel or b&b in Scarborough close to the north or south side beach and that is all you are on holiday in Scarborough for then you won’t want to hire a car.

If you are in Scarborough for a week or so with the kids then we do recommend that you hire a car so that you see what Scarborough and the surrounding area has to offer. Have a look around the site to help you decide whether or not you will want to hire a car when you come to Scarborough.

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