Robin Hoods Bay

Robin Hoods Bay is a great little place to visit for the day if you are on holiday in Scarborough. Robin Hoods Bay is about 16 miles from Scarborough and should take you about 25-30 mins to get there by car. If you are an avid walker you can walk to Robin Hoods Bay via Hayburn Wyke but it is a tough hilly walk.

We love taking the kids to Robin Hoods Bay for the day, the kids enjoy their time on the beach and we enjoy looking in the small boutique shops that run down the side of the steep hill to the bay.

There are two Scarborough council car parks at Robin Hoods Bay, one at the bank top and one at the station. These car parks are only free to park in from October 1st to March 1st. You can pay to park using coins or credit card.

Our Robin Hoods Bay Snaps

Robin Hoods Bay View 1

The photo above shows the beautiful scenery that you pass on your way to Robin Hoods Bay across the moors from Scarborough. This shot was taken right at the top of the hill that leads down into Robin Hoods Bay just as you turn off the Scarborough-Whitby road.

Robin Hoods Bay View 2

This photo shows the view you will see as you pass further down the road that leads into Robin Hoods Bay. There are some great little spots to pull off and have a picnic or coffee on your way into Robin Hoods Bay to just sit and enjoy the scenery.

Robin Hoods Bay View 3

The photo above shows the steep hill that leads down to a very sharp turn into Robin Hoods Bay. As you look at this shot Scarborough is to the right of Robin Hoods Bay and Whitby is to the north, which is left of this shot.

Robin Hoods Bay View 4

As you pass down the steep hill you will see the houses and b&bs of Robin Hoods Bay on your left hand side. Further to the left of this shot heading north out of Robin Hoods Bay towards Whitby there is a small but perfect campsite that overlooks Robin Hoods Bay.

Robin Hoods Bay View 5

This photo shows the beach of Robin Hoods Bay, which you can reach by following the road down to your right hand side. Just at the side of this shot is the Robin Hoods Bay bank top car park.

Robin Hoods Bay View 6

The photo above shows the road down to Robin Hoods Bay beach, you can drive down but it gets very narrow at some points. Just to the right is the car park and the free to use public toilets. I have included this photo to show you how steep the walk down to the beach of Robin Hoods Bay is.

Robin Hoods Bay View 7

This shot shows the Robin Hoods Bay Scarborough council station car park. This is a long stay car park that you can park in for 24 hours and is very close to the hill down to the beach of Robin Hoods Bay.

Robin Hoods Bay View 8

The photo below shows the prices to park at both of the Robin Hoods Bay Scarborough council car parks. Both car parks are within short walking distance of the hill that leads down to the bay.
Scarborough Borough Council Car Parks Charges For Robin Hoods BayScarborough Borough Council Car Parks at Robin Hoods Bay Charge:

1 hour for £2

2 hours for £3

4 hours for £4

6 hours for £5

24 hours for £6



On the walk down the hill to the beach of Robin Hoods Bay you will pass many little boutique shops and cafes. There is a lovely little cafe at the very top of the hill that you can sit outside and admire the view.

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