Mini Monsterz Indoor Soft Play Area

Mini Monsterz of Ruswarp Whitby has now acquired what used to be ‘Littlehoppers’ It is now called Mini Monsterz Scarborough.

The new owners have spent a hefty amount of money to improve and change what was there previously. There is now a brand new play area for under 5’s, and brand new giant frame for the older ones with the scary looking ‘Plunge slide’, which for the kids to use they need to have a stamp on their hand to show that they are old enough.

From going to Littlehoppers before it was sold, it was evident that the owners just did not care anymore, they had let the food go down hill, the building needed painting and most importantly in winter you really do not want to have to keep your coat on inside just because the heating hasn’t been put on. The previous owners just didn’t care that their chef was a walking health hazard (according to some – not our opinion) or that the prices just didn’t match with what you were being served. However the parties were competitively priced for what you were getting.

Well that has all changed-the new colour scheme really brings the place to life, with bright colours and tastefully done, no more mess on the counter at the main desk, all staff looking smart and well presented with a smile on their faces (seriously lacking before), the tables are better arranged to maximise the amount of people through the door, tables are cleared very quickly and cleaned, also the floor is not covered in food.

The food was a major concern with some people, that you just did not get value for money. I can say that the food has seriously IMPROVED; bigger portions, well presented and more options however pricing a portion of chips at £2.30 might be a bit steep for some.

We went with our children and only bought drinks and packet of sweets for each boy which came to £7.45 added to the entrance cost seems a little dear, you get what you pay for and it is 100% better than before.

So how much will it cost you to play at Mini Monsterz Scarborough?


Children under 6 months – FREE

6-11 months £1.75

12-17 months £4.75

18 months – 16 years £5.25

Adults £1.00


Prices start from £3.99 no studio fee

Go-Karts £1 per go.

So these are the prices you will be paying when you next visit Scarborough and go to Mini Monsterz soft play area, some have said that the increase in the prices will mean that they can no longer afford to go as often so will now be more of a treat maybe once every couple of months instead of the twice a month visits.

You can also have your Childs birthday party here and I will list the cost of this as well.


2-hour party 90 mins in Mini Monsterz/30 mins party room

£9.95 per person or £10.95 if you want hot food.


2-hour party 30 mins in Mini Monsterz/60 mins laser tag/30 mins party room

£13.95 per person or £14.95 if you want hot food.


2 hour party 45 mins in Mini Monsterz/45 min in pottery room/30 mins in party room

£13.95 per person or £14.95 if you want hot food.


Mini Monsterz,

Newchase Court,

Copper Hill Road



YO11 3YS

Telephone: (01723) 586665



The prices for the parties have gone up from what was previously and I do know people have decided against having a party at Mini Monsterz purely on cost not on what is to offer. Maybe Mini Monsterz should not charge for the birthday child, a lot of places do not charge for the birthday child as you are bringing business into their establishment with the amount of parents who stay, also siblings who are under 3 years old shouldn’t have to pay the full party price in order to be allowed in the party room.

There is also a new procedure when sorting out a birthday party here and that is that you have to ring one week before the party and list who is going and pay. Well I hope everyone RSVP’s you because Mini Monsterz will charge an additional £2 on top of the party price (£9.95/£10.95) for children who turn up on the day, I really do not like this and is going to lose them business in Scarborough.

Is it better than before well? YES

Is it worth the entrance fee? YES however charging for each adult is a bit much,

Is the food of better quality? YES but seems over priced for some things on the menu.

Would I go again?, definitely but just not as often because of the increase in prices and how much the food costs.

Is it run well? Yes so if you aren’t put off with the cost and want a safe and secure place for your children to play then MINI MONSTERZ Scarborough is a safe bet and the children will have great fun which I suppose is what is most important.

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