Fun Stuff in Scarborough

There is so much fun stuff to do in Scarborough whether you are here on a day trip or on holiday you will always have something to do. Have a look around the site for ideas on fun stuff to do in Scarborough.

For a fun day in Scarborough you can choose to visit one or both the beaches. The Scarborough beaches are very different, you are sure to have fun whichever one you choose to go to.

For more details on the Scarborough beaches head on over to ourScarborough beach guide. There are loads of activities in and around Scarborough for the kids; your kids will never get bored.

Fun at Scarborough beach

We have a Scarborough beaches guide to help you decide which of the beaches in and around Scarborough you want to visit while you are here. We have ten beaches listed on our Scarborough beaches guide with details on how to get there, and what to do while you are there to have fun.

Our favourite beach to visit as a family is Sandsend beach, which is a short drive north of Scarborough. We have had many hours of fun with the kids playing in the steam that runs over the beach at Sandsend.

There is so much fun stuff to do in and around Scarborough that you will have to have at least a ten-day holiday to visit all the beaches we have listed on this site. Some of the beaches are a 30-minute drive away so it’s a good idea to come in a car, or to hire a car to get the most out of your stay in Scarborough.

Our kids always have lots of fun when we go for a day trip to Bridlington or Whitby. Both these towns are only a short drive away from Scarborough and are guaranteed to keep the kids entertained.

Some of the beaches listed on our Scarborough beaches offer other fun activities for the kids to get involved in. For example Cayton beach and Sandsend beach have their own surf schools, have a look through our beaches guide for more details.

Fun activities for all in Scarborough

If you choose to spend the day at the north side Scarborough beach then you are only a very short walk away from the Scarborough SeaLife Centre.

At the north side Scarborough beach you are also close to a large selection of crazy golf courses for the kids to have a go at. And of course you are close to Peasholm Park, which is lovely to walk round. To read about our walk round Peasholm Park go to our blog pages.

The kids will have a lot of fun at Peasholm Park, adults will too. There’s a nice little cafe that looks across the lake with a nice view of the waterfalls. If you go over the bridge you can have a look around the chinese gardens.

Peasholm Park has a boating lake for the kids to enjoy a trip around in a rowing or a pedal boat. Peasholm Park hosts the naval warfare, which is a miniature naval battle held on the lake.

If you choose to head to the south side Scarborough beach then you will discover the rather large collection of amusement arcades. The kids will have hours of fun in these spending all your well-earned cash.

If you fancy a game of ten pin bowling for a little fun then go to the Olympia Leisure arcade, which is at the very end of the south bay beach underneath the back of the Grand Hotel. Olympia Leisure has a soft play area too which the smaller kids will have lots of fun in.

There is a larger soft play area for kids based on the outskirts of Scarborough called Little Hoppers. The Little Hoppers indoor play area is close to the Scarborough indoor karting track.

There are some great concerts and shows held all year round in Scarborough. You should check out what’s on at the Scarborough Spa, the Futurist theatre and the open-air theatre. There’s fun for all ages no matter what time of year you come to Scarborough.

You may choose to have fun on a boat tour around the bay of Scarborough, or take a trip on the Hispaniola (pirate ship) or even take a ride on a speedboat.

Have a fun history lesson day by visiting the Scarborough castle and then the Rotunda museum to find out which Dinosaurs roamed the area over 165 million years ago.

Our kids love going to the Lebberston market in the summer to buy second hand toy cars from the car boot sale. They have fun on the bouncy castle and the inflatable slides that they have there too.

Of course there are some lovely little cafes and ice cream parlours in Scarborough that you must try to round off your fun day in Scarborough. You have to take the kids to the Harbour Bar for an ice cream, the harbour bar is at Scarborough’ south side beach. Scattered across the seafront there is a good selection of cafes you can sit outside and take in the magnificent view of Scarborough has across the bay.

Scarborough has an indoor pool, which is based on the north side of Scarborough and has splash sessions with inflatables in the water; the kids will have lots of fun there. Go to the Scarborough council website to find out when the splash sessions are.

There are two other great swimming pools to try out; these are a short drive away from Scarborough. The first one is at Bridlington Leisure World, and the second is at Water World just outside York. We go to these swimming pools because the Scarborough indoor pool does not have slides and these do. For more information on these swimming pools go to our Scarborough for kids page.

If you enjoy shopping then Scarborough has a lovely little town lined with small boutique and novelty shops. There are lots of shops to buy your Scarborough souvenirs from as you get further down the town towards the south bay beach. If you enjoy walking then there is a fun walk round the Marine Drive from the south bay beach to the north bay beach, a great way to end a days shopping in Scarborough.

If you need any more details about fun stuff to do in Scarborough then please don’t hesitate to contact us. If you have any more suggestions on fun stuff to do in Scarborough then please send us an email or contact us through Facebook or Twitter and we will add it to this page.

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