Filey Beach

Filey beach is only 7 miles south of Scarborough and only takes ten minutes or so to get to by car. Filey beach is very long and is said to be about five miles.

You can spend hours just walking across Filey beach with its many places to stop off and visit along the way. At one end of Filey beach you have the Filey sailing club. At the other end is the kiddie’s paddling pool.

In-between all this along the top of Filey beach you will pass many cafes and ice cream outlets as well as the small amusement park for the kids to enjoy. They have small rides and a bouncy castle.

Our Filey Beach Photos

Filey Beach View 1

In the photo above you can see most of Filey beach looking south towards the Coble Landing and the hotels along the promenade. This photo of Filey beach was taken from the cliff tops of Filey Brigg near the caravan park.

There are many car parking spaces up at the cliff top where it is only a short walk down to Filey beach. Although it’s only a five-minute walk down to Filey beach from the cliff tops some parts are very steep. If you don’t want a steep walk to Filey beach then you should park at Church Ravine or on the Coble landing. There are limited spaces here so you need to get there early before 10am.

Filey Beach View 2

Above is another photo taken from the Brigg cliff tops but this time we are facing north down onto Filey beach. Right at the very end of Filey beach at the furthest point north you can see Filey Brigg.

Filey Beach View 3

The photo above shows the steep hill that leads down to Filey beach from the Filey Brigg car parks at the cliff top. As you can see you pass by the Filey sailing club on your way down to Filey beach.

Filey Beach View 4

The photo above shows the view of Filey beach that you get when you reach the bottom of the steep walkway. If you turn around from here and walk south up Filey beach you will see the small cafes and food outlets.

Filey Beach View 5

Above is a photo I took of my view while I was sitting on Filey beach watching the sailing. The kids were playing safely on the beach enjoying the sunshine.

Filey Beach View 6

This photo shows the view south down Filey beach and if you walk down the beach this way you will see the small amusement park. If you continue to head south up Filey beach you will see a steep hill to your right which leads up into the town centre.

Further along Filey beach you will pass the free to use toilets, then the kiddie’s paddling pool. Past this point along Filey beach you will see the chalets that you can hire for the day or for the week.

Past the chalets that run along the top of Filey beach there are some small shops where you can buy your newspaper or a bucket and spade. At this point along Filey beach you can also hire a deck chair for the day.

Filey beach is only a short walk from the town centre where there are many little cafes and clothing boutiques for you to enjoy. You can park for free on the road that runs across the top of Filey beach but these spaces fill up fast. To get one of these spaces you will need to get there very early before 9am.

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