Cayton Beach

Cayton beach is a lovely little beach not far from Scarborough. You can get to Cayton beach by heading south of Scarborough by car in about ten to fifteen minutes. Cayton beach has its own surf school and shop at the top of the hill that leads down to the bay.

Most of the visitors to Cayton beach come from the nearby holiday park and is a favourite spot for surfers and windsurfers. Cayton beach is only 3 miles from Scarborough so is well worth a visit if you are in Scarborough on holiday.

Cayton beach has WW2 bunkers that are great to show the kids and are of great historical interest. They are know as eared Pillboxes used for home front defence.

Our Cayton Beach Snaps

Cayton Beach View 1

Heading south out of Scarborough to Cayton beach passing Hull University Scarborough Campus you follow the A165 until you see the road in the photo above that passes across the top of Cayton beach. You can park on this road for free but these spaces fill up fast.

Cayton Beach View 2

This is a shot of the Cayton bay surf school and shop that is situated at the top of the cliffs at Cayton beach. The Cayton beach surf school and shop is left off the main road heading out of Scarborough.

Cayton Beach View 3

If you do not manage to get a free parking spot there is a pay to park car park right next to the Cayton beach surf shop. The prices to park here are very reasonable at only £2 for the day. Cayton beach is only a short but steep walk away from here.

Cayton Beach View 4

The photo above shows the steep walk that you have to do to get down to Cayton beach. There is a small concrete path that leads down to Cayton beach with about 12 steps at the bottom. Walking down the path you get a lovely view of Cayton beach, as you get further down you will see Scarborough beach on your left and Filey beach on your right.

Cayton Beach View 5

This is the view you will see to the left on Cayton beach when you finally get to the bottom of the steep hill. In the distance you can see the start of the Marine Drive in Scarborough and Scarborough castle.

Cayton Beach View 6

This is the view you will get to your right on Cayton beach at the bottom of the hill. This is looking south down Cayton beach looking out towards Filey beach. Just ahead you can see one of the World War 2 bunkers that are scattered over Cayton beach.

Cayton Beach View 7

This photo shows the back entrance to one of the World War 2 bunkers that are on Cayton beach. Some of them are upside down because they have fallen down from the cliff side.

Cayton beach is a great place to take the kids and explore, they love to play in the bunkers and to watch the many surfers that use Cayton beach. If you are on holiday in Scarborough Cayton beach is definitely worth a visit for the day, even if it’s just to have a look at the bunkers.

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