Bowling in Scarborough

For bowling in Scarborough you need to go to the Olympia Leisure arcade, this is on Foreshore Road in Scarborough on the South Bay beach. The postcode for Olympia Leisure is YO11 1NU, phone 01723 377960 to book to go bowling in Scarborough.

There is lots of parking close to the Olympia Leisure complex where you can do bowling in Scarborough. There’s the underground car park (YO11 2HD) and then there’s parking on Valley Road (YO11 2LY).

Both of these car parks are very close to the Olympia Leisure arcade complex, so bowling in Scarborough is only a short walk away. Olympia Leisure has lots of other activities too.

Olympia Leisure for bowling in Scarborough

Bowling in Scarborough has something extra special, because bowling in Scarborough is at the Olympia leisure complex at the south bay, you get an excellent view across Scarborough’ south bay beach as you bowl.

Come bowling in Scarborough with your friends and family, Olympia Leisure has a 12-lane ten-pin bowling alley. It’s the only place to go bowling in Scarborough, and is a good place to relax and enjoy the view across the bay.

The Olympia Leisure bowling in Scarborough website states that it’s the perfect venue for parties and get togethers with your friends. Bowling in Scarborough is a fun activity to have a go at with the kids if you are here on holiday.

For a game of bowling in Scarborough it is £4.95 per person per game and is £7.95 for one person to play two games of bowling. For a family of four to play one game of bowling in Scarborough it will cost £18.00. There are discount rates to be had for bowling in Scarborough if you have a large group booking.

If you want to have a bowling in Scarborough birthday party then it costs £6.75 per child, the price includes food and a drink. For more details on bowling in Scarborough check out the Olympia Leisure website.

If you plan to park at the Scarborough council underground car park or on Valley Road then the parking charges are £1.50 for one hour, £2 for two hours, £4 for six hours and £5 for twenty-four hours. These car parks are very close to the Olympia Leisure complex; enjoy your time bowling in Scarborough.

We shot this video of the bowling alley in Scarborough on the 15/03/13 just to show you a quick glimpse of what it is like. We took our kids for a game (ages 5 & 3 at the time) and they loved it.


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